About this Project

This project was started by a group of individuals that were interested in using the Django framework to create a robust shopping cart solution. After some discussions, we have decided to focus on building a modular framework of shopping cart or eCommerce packages that can be easily put together to form a full store. Why did we use Django for this particular project?

First off, we wanted to use Python for the project. Many of us have experience with similar PHP based projects and we quickly realized that they tend to break down pretty quickly under the unwieldy syntax, lack of good OO support and hackish nature of many of the projects.

Once we decided on Python, there were many frameworks to evaluate. They all have tradeoffs but there are some things we really liked about Django:

  • Robust, scalable system that has been used on major commercial sites
  • Clean separation of program logic from presentation
  • Nice abstraction of SQL (but with the capability to code SQL if required)
  • Solid documentation
  • URL mapping capabilities will be very useful for a shopping cart solution
  • Out of the box admin capabilities making it easy to get up and running & provide enhanced security for multiple users in a store.

This list is not exhaustive and there could be endless debate and flamewars on the choices but we’ve all reached this decision independently and encourage you to investigate and make your own choice.

Why build a shopping cart framework?

Interestingly enough, there seems to be a fairly large number of “geeks” who are involved in creating web stores for their wives or significant others. For various reasons mentioned above, we independently started using Django. It just happens that there’s the possibility for a lot of synergy here. Like most Open Source projects, we created this project because we thought there was an unmet need for ourselves as well as the larger audience.

Many of the current shopping carts out there were built a while ago and have not aged too gracefully. They also did not have the benefits of the Django framework. Looking at the Django framework, we realized that with just a little bit of additional work we could have a pretty powerful shopping cart system.

We initially thought about developing a full fledged shopping cart but realized that it is very difficult to build a one size fits all shopping cart package. Some people want a very simple solution and are confused by the multiple options and configurations available to them. Other people have the technical capabilities to build something very robust and tailored to their needs. In a similar way that Django “gets out of your way” and allows you to focus on the models and rules for your application, we want to build a framework that makes it trivial to setup a simple shop and relatively easy to modify it and grow as your business needs change.

What license are you using?

We have decided to use the BSD license for this project. You can learn more about it here .