Tax Module Activation

Satchmo provides you the flexibility to enable several different types of tax modules.

To activate the various tax modules, they need to be enabled in your file. For example:



You must include tax as well as the specific module under tax that you would like to enable.

Activate and configure your tax modules from your Site Settings page.


If you have custom tax module you would like to use, add the module’s dotted name to CUSTOM_TAX_MODULES.

Available Modules

Satchmo includes several tax modules in the default distribution. In general, you will want to enable only one of these. However, based on your products and your geography you will need to figure out what makes sense.


This is a very simple module which does not tax any product. It is meant as an example and will probably not be useful in a production store.


This tax module allows you to set taxes based on the geographic area a shipment is being sent to. For example, in the US, this would be used to set varying sales tax rates based on the State.

The satchmo admin command satchmo_load_us_tax will load sales tax rates for each state. You should verify these and make sure they are correct.

The admin also includes the option to calculate the tax based on the shipping or billing address.


This simple module will charge a flat rate percentage (configured in the admin) to every purchase.

US Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) Processing

The SST module is a complex application that uses the SST service to try to streamline sales tax processing in the US.


After changing tax modules, you must restart django to enable the new module.