Allows for easy upselling or cross-selling of a product. Up-selling can imply selling something additional, or selling something that is more profitable or otherwise preferable for the seller instead of the original sale [1] .

A practical example would be If you were selling ebooks, you could make a checkbox on the ebook detail page, which would allow your customer to order the companion CD. This is useful as you are able to provide customers with a direct way of purchasing a companion item without the need to search for it.


Currently, the goal product doesn’t have any options. It can be a be a product variation, but can’t be a configurable product by itself.

When entering a category in the admin interface, you will have several fields to fill in. Below is a description of each field and how it is used:

Target Product
The product(s) for which you want to add an upsell to.
Goal Product
This is the product you are upselling.
Upsell Style
There are five styles:
  • Checkbox to add 1.
  • Checkbox to add 1 (checked by default).
  • Checkbox to match the quantity of the product on the page.
  • Checkbox to match the quantity of the product on the page (checked selected by default).
  • Simple manual entry quantity box.
Optional field for internal notes.
Creation Date
Date when upsell was created.
Optional field for translated description(s).

A short tutorial

Here is a quick step by step overview for adding and using the upsell application.

  • In your site’s file, edit the INSTALLED_APP list to include satchmo_ext.upsell. Run a syncdb on your site to ensure that the necessary database tables are created.
  • Log into the your site’s admin interface, and add a new product. You will want to add the target product (remember that an upselling item can be a standalone product, as well as a variation of an existing product) and an upsell product. You can read the Satchmo products page for details on how to do this.
  • From your site’s admin main page, navigate to the Upsells section to add/change an upsell.


[1]Wikipedia article on Up-selling