Satchmo Introduction


Like most Open Source projects, Satchmo was started to “scratch an itch.” This particular itch was to create a framework for developing a python based shopping cart framework software using Django. After a little bit of discussion on the Django list, we created our own project in April 2006.

In August 2007, we released the first public release of Satchmo - version 0.5. We have had several releases since then and are continually improving the features and functions included in Satchmo.

Project Mission

Satchmo’s mission is to use Django to create an open source framework for creating unique and robust online stores. To provide maximum flexibility, Satchmo is licensed under the BSD license.

Current Development Status

With the release of version 0.5, Satchmo entered beta status. The most recent release is 0.9.2 and includes many improvements and fixes over 0.9.1. All users are encouraged to use this latest version.