Custom Product Attributes

Satchmo’s product models allow you to capture and present much of the core information you need to sell a product. However, there are instances where you might want to present additional information tailored to your site. If you think of the example of selling books online, you might want all of your products to display something like:

  • Pages
  • Publisher
  • ISBN
  • Author

You can certainly put this information into the description field but in many cases you will want these to be separate fields and enforce some validation on the data that can be entered. Attribute Options can do this for you.

Creating Attribute Options

New in version 0.9.1.

New versions of Satchmo (> 0.9) include the ability to define options, validations for these options and custom error messages. To use these, you will first need to define some Attribute Options in the Admin.

See this screenshot for some examples:


As you can see, there are multiple attributes defined that we can add to our products. Looking at the “Book Pages” shows you some of the rich options you have to configure this behavior:

Information displayed to the user on the product page to describe the attribute
Attribute Name
Slug used for data storage
Field Validations
List of validations available to perform on the data. Satchmo has some included but you may create your own too.
Sort Order
Control the order the options are displayed
Error Message
If the validation fails, this message will be displayed to the user.

Using Attributes on Products

Now that we have an attribute for pages in a book, we can add this to our Robot Attacks book.

Select the “Robot Attack!” book from the product list and scroll down to the Product Attributes section:


If you enter an invalid number, you will get your custom error message. If you enter a valid number, you can view it on your page now:


Customizing Attribute Options

This feature is very useful but you can go even farther in your customization by creating your own Field Validations.

If you would like to create a custom validation to make sure the site admin enters a 3 digit integer, create a simple validation function like this:

def validation_3digits(value, product=None):
   Validates that value is a 3 digit integer number.
   No change is made to the value
        check = int(value)
        if len(value) == 3:
            return True, value
            return False, value
        return False, value

Assuming you have placed this function in the file inside your localsite app. You can add it to your (or file:

    'SHOP_BASE' : '',
    'MULTISHOP' : False,
    'ATTRIBUTE_VALIDATIONS': [('localsite.utils.validation_3digits','3 Digits'),]


Now, when you choose to add an Attribute Option, you can use your 3 digit validator to make sure that the site admin enters the data you need.

Additional Capabilities

The example above is fairly simple. As you will notice, the current product is passed to the validation function. You can use this to do more complex lookups. Additional, the validation function can modify the value that is passed to it. For instance, you may wish to make sure the value is capitalized or structured in a consistent date format.